The first Solar powered aircraft built between NASA and SUNPower.

ALL BestSolarDeals Installers are part of a select few installers in the UK who are certified to sell and install SUNPower Solar PV Panels which are the worlds Most efficient Solar Panels recorded as being up to 50% more efficient than standard Solar Panels. Get your BestSolarDeal »

Roof top Solar PV Installations

BestSolarDeals installers are all experienced, qualified and accredited, ensuring your peace of mind on an install that is professionally fitted and designed to last. All Solar PV installations come with standard Guarantees but with BestSolarDeals you will also get extended Guarantees and warranties from our installers. Get your BestSolarDeal »

Commercial Solar PV Installs

Its not just Homeowners who can benefit from Solar PV and the Feed in Tariff. As a commercial entity, Charity or School, you too can benefit from the reduction of your energy bills, the Guaranteed Tax FREE income from the Feed in Tariff and you will also be doing your bit for the environment which will help to cut your green tax bill. Get your BestSolarDeal »

Stand Alone Solar PV Systems

Not only can you have your BestSolarDeal installed on your home, but if you have land that is empty or a garage or barn roof, then why not put it to use and get it generating an additional second income for you. BestSolarDeal can arrange a FREE estimate for your Better than FREE Solar PV system. Get your BestSolarDeal »

If it didnt work, then no one would do it.

Many people think that Solar PV is not worth having or that they don\\\'t trust it. Some of the worlds largest organisations and companies have already invested in Solar PV, The Armed forces and Google to name just a few. Get your BestSolarDeal »




Best Solar Deal is a FREE service to help YOU achieve just that.

By networking with some of the largest installers in the country we are able to offer what we believe to be the Best Solar Deal for you with Nationwide coverage.

Do I Qualify for Best Solar Deal

If you are reading this then you will more than likely already have researched your solar options and know that Better than Free Solar (Self funding) is the best option, and by getting your estimates through you can be sure of just that.

By using you can be assured that ALL of our installers are registered and accredited through ALL the relevant authorities.

The current Feed in Tariff rate is set at 14.90 pence and the export rate is set at 4.77 pence, although the Feed in Tariff rate has dropped from 41.93 pence For Eligible Installations with an Eligibility Date on or After 1 April 2010 and before 31 March 2011 the Export rate has risen from 3.39 pence.
The Feed in Tariff rate is set to drop again For Eligible Installations with an Eligibility Date on or After 1 April 2014 and before 1 July 2014 to 14.38 pence so now is the best time to get your Best Solar Deal and still make the most of the FREE income available to you. Check current Fit rates with Ofgem

Our installers all work on Better Than FREE Solar PV Schemes, meaning:
TickFREE Installation
TickNO Deposit
TickGovernment backed payment scheme
Tick100% Ownership and earnings
Tickand YOU get paid for generating your own energy unlike “rent a roof” companies who use loopholes to get you to sign over your guaranteed income to them in exchange for renting their Solar PV Panels.

FREE to use and nothing to lose, but you do have a lot to gain, in some cases Best Solar Deal can arrange a system that can earn you up to £15,000 in earnings and continued protection against rising energy costs even after the FiT payments stop in 20 years.

Do I Qualify? Find out below..

In order to qualify, you must be a homeowner in full-time employment (working 16 hours minimum per week, on a permanent contract). Your roof must also have enough un-shaded space, facing South, SE, SW or East & West.

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